Irene Mognon

PhD Student


in press

journal articles


  • Mognon, I., Implicatures: Production/comprehension asymmetries in language acquisition, Abstract selected for presentation at the Science Speed Geeking Event - Experimental Pragmatics Summer School - Berlin, Germany (August, 2019)


  • Mognon, I., Hartman, C. A., Kuijper, S. & Hendriks, P., Pronoun interpretation and implicature computation: The interaction between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics in children with ASD, Poster presented at "Language Abilities in Children with Autism" Workshop - Tours, France (April, 2019)


  • 2018 – Present: PhD Student, Center for Language and Cognition Groningen, University of Groningen, Netherlands

  • 2015–2017: Master’s Degree in Linguistics, University of Siena, Italy. Thesis title: The Comprehension of Clitic Left Dislocations in Agrammatic Aphasia. Supervisors: Prof. L. Rizzi, Prof. A. Belletti

  • 2012–2015: Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, University of Bologna, Italy. Thesis title: Prosodia e Struttura Informativa: Una Prospettiva Interlinguistica. Supervisors: Prof. M. Vayra, Dr. C. Avesani


general research interests

  • Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition

  • Cognitive Development

  • Formal Semantics

  • Formal and Experimental Pragmatics

specific topics of investigation

  • Acquisition of inferential abilities, with particular focus on implicatures

  • Relationship between language acquisition and the development of cognitive abilities (theory of mind, cognitive inhibition, working memory)

  • Language acquisition in autism


I have been absorbed by the study of the relationship between natural language, (possible) world(s), and cognition since the first time I have heard that colorless green ideas can perhaps sleep furiously.
As a PhD student at the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen (University of Groningen), I investigate primarily topics related to syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, with the aim of formalizing cognitively-plausible models of language; shedding more light on the relationship between linguistic phenomena and cognitive abilities; experimentally assessing the adequacy of formal models of typical and atypical language acquisition.
I am interested also in aphasiology, language evolution, animal linguistics, the hypothesis of logicality of language, and recursion.

Currently, in my PhD project, I am investigating language comprehension and language processing adopting online methods such as eye-tracking and reaction times, under the supervision of Prof. P. Hendriks, Dr. S. Sprenger, and Dr. S. Kuijper.

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